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2023 Glen Ewin Estate Gin Festival

Little Bonsai Gin Co had an amazing time participating in the 2023 Glen Ewin Estate Gin Festival. Gin festivals are fantastic opportunities for distilleries to showcase their products, connect with gin enthusiasts, and celebrate the craft of gin-making and this was no exception!

At the festival, Little Bonsai Gin Co set up our new Gin Cart, based on a traditional Japanese Styled Ramen Cart, where we displayed our unique gins and had a great time interacting with attendees all afternoon. We loved giving people the chance to sample 2 of our quality, Japanese-style gins, allowing them to experience the distinct flavours and craftsmanship that sets Little Bonsai Gin Co apart.

Showcasing our gins at the 2023 Glen Ewin Estate Gin Festival was a wonderful experience and a great opportunity for us to connect with gin enthusiasts, connoisseurs and everyday gin lovers alike. We loved sharing our passion for crafting exceptional gins. Check out our socials @bonsaigin for more information.

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