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Little Bonsai Gin Co Win Silver At The World Gin Awards

Congratulations to Little Bonsai Gin Co for being recognised at the World Gin Awards! It’s always exciting to see a start-up distillery making waves in the industry and being recognised for its hard work and dedication.

Winning a silver medal is a huge accomplishment, especially for a new, small distillery that only entered their Modern Dry gin to receive feedback from the esteemed judges.

‘We never expected to pick up an award as this was from our first batch of commercially produced gin. We really just wanted the feedback so we can continue to improve our gin as each batch progresses.

Little Bonsai Gin Co pride itself on making Japanese-style Gin, with local ingredients wherever possible. Something that is unique in Australia. Head distiller Nate explains the story behind making a Japanese-style product locally in South Australia.

“We love Japanese culture in our family and we love the ethos of leaving the world in a better place than what we found it. We use a sustainable still setup to make sure our impact on the environment is next to none. We also love bonsai and we try to infuse the main principles of bonsai into our gin – foresight, patience, precision and balance. We hope every bottle of our gin represents this philosophy. That love of Japanese culture and the philosophy of bonsai is where our brand really gets it’s identity”

It’s clear that Little Bonsai Gin Co is doing something unique and special, and I’m sure their gin will continue to be enjoyed by gin enthusiasts around the world. Well done to the team at Little Bonsai Gin Co and all the other winners at the World Gin Awards!

Check out their result at the World Gin Awards website

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